Tricyclic Transform – A Genderqueer Musical Cabaret

Solo musical cabaret exploring genderqueer identity with songs and drag.

Sunday August 5th, 8pm
Rialto Theatre
11 Dyke Road
Brighton, BN1 3FE


Supported by Brighton Pride Cultural Development Fund. £1 per ticket donated to the Rainbow Fund.

Join Miss Liliane, Queen of Camp Noir, and Sebastian Marmite, the bedsit aesthete, round the gender wheel as they try to negotiate restrictive gender-roles by performing symbolic rituals and re-enacting iconic songs, trying on gender identities as they try on clothes and pitches.

From heart-wrenching jazz diva standards to the pissed-off ladies of gritty blues and Brecht, from the broken men protest songs of Johnny Cash, Scott Walker and Jacques Brel, to the gender-fuck anthems of Marc Almond and Boy George, with sprinkles of ‘Victor Victoria’ and ‘La Cage aux Folles’, ‘Tricyclic Transform’ mixes popular alt-drag cabaret, dark cabaret singing and live-art aesthetics to unearth ‘gender archetypes’ hidden in popular songs. Judith Butler takes on RuRaul Drag Race!

Past performance

Transnational Queer Underground, Berlin, Germany, 2018. 30 min excerpt.
Acts Re-Acts 5, Wimbledon College of Arts, 2018.
CoocooliliUnlove Affairs‘: Miss Liliane, biologically challenged drag queen, sings Torch Songs! Jamboree, London. (20 min excerpt from 1st part).
Guerilla Zoo presents Modern Panic 8: Panic Sermons Act II : A collection of riotous acts by ground breaking live art practitioners (Tricyclic Transform short 20 min version)
Wotever Brighton – Queer Variety Show, Marlborough theatre, Brighton (1 song as 5min drag act)
Trans and Non-Binary conference, Brighton University, July 2017 (Tricyclic Transform short 30 min version).
Dreams Before Dawn, Festival of International Performance, Théâtre de Ménilmontant, Paris, July 2017.
Brighton Fringe, May 2017 (Premiere).

Most songs individual songs in youtube playlist

Tricyclic Transform Youtube playlist

Whole Show demo video

1st part (female) filmed at dress rehearsal, Dreams Before Dawn festival of international performance, Paris, 12 July 2017. 2nd part (male) filmed at Brighton Fringe, 4 June 2017. Last 2 songs missing, and a couple of brief cuts due to the camera turning itself off (DIY queer art!)


Download Script With Stage Directions

Live-art/conceptual blurb

‘Tricyclic Transform’ is a solo queer musical cabaret show. Recognising singing and the invention of alternate persona as key catalysts in the creation of queer identity, it theatricalizes the genderqueer experience by documenting the creation and self-destruction of my ‘biologically-challenged drag-queen’ alter-ego Miss Liliane. They try to negotiate restrictive gender-roles by performing symbolic rituals and re-enacting iconic songs, but the inability of their mind to comfortably inhabit any predefined role causes them to get trapped in an endless loop of repeated, pointless gestures. ‘Tricyclic Transform’ presents gender as a cyclical spectrum: Miss Liliane tries on gender identities as they try on clothes and pitches. But each time new inner conflicts arise, propelling them further round the gender wheel, until they come back full circle, to a genderless, endlessly questioning, naked body.

20 songs spanning several genres (Torch songs, jazz, musicals, gospel, European Cabaret/Chanson, ‘storytelling’ songs by Johnny Cash, Scott Walker) are united by a dramatic delivery focusing on character interpretation and organised in 4 parts: Sacrificial femininity, Lilith (Predatory Femininity), Androgyne, Dionysos (Broken Man). The theatrical presentation mixes popular alt-drag cabaret with live-art aesthetics including on-stage costume change, breast binding and destroying make-up. Judith Butler takes on RuRaul Drag Race!

Tricyclic Transform goes beyond the ‘private confessional’ nature of many queer solo performance to explore a full spectrum of psychological perspectives and gender archetypes, drawing on aesthetics inspired by ‘Lynchian’ cabaret and German Expressionism.