Brighton Photo Fringe Open 2011 Texts project

Brighton Photo Fringe 2011 text project flyer

What do we retain from these places with no function and of a bygone time? What do we transform into souvenirs of the past? Melanie Menard interrogates this very subject. With realism, this photographer shows atmospheres, traces, and thus she reveals (with a certain detachment) the way of life of society. Of this ‘supermodernity’, imagined by Jean Baudrillard or Guy Debord in their time, what remains of individuality now? If the spectator remains free to invent his/her own story through the abandoned territories that have become commonplace in the urban environment, the pictorial simplicity of the images and the constant poetic subjectivity of the images all contribute to the documentary value of this proposition.

Yves Chatap on Mark Burton, David Creedon, Alina Kisina, Melanie Menard and John Perkins.

Download full text in pdf.

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